Friday, May 17, 2024

Mini Workshops

Hands on Extraction Event Saturday August 13th, 2023, 2-6 pm

Extraction Event at Hillco Bees – 710 Lincoln St. Minonk, IL Learn to extract. We will be demonstrating and assisting with extracting of honey. Demonstration of various uncapping methods of honey frames. Demonstration and USE of various extractors. You are welcome to extract your frames. We will set up as many extractors as needed. Please inform me if you plan to bring frames for extraction. We will have stations set up for you. You get to go in order of contacting me/PK., text or call 309-826-0089
BYOB some mead will be available for tasting. Hot dogs will be served. You can check out all the various equipment for small or large extraction. We will have a refractor to test your honey’s moisture. Club equipment for members use will be displayed

Introduction to Queen Rearing and Increase Essential

Date: TBA


Location: Salem 4 Youth, Flanagan, IL

Cost: CIBA members $ ,

Bring: Veil and protective gear, chair, beverages

Optional Afternoon Field Trip:

Full Course Queen Rearing Workshop

Date: TBA


Location: Salem 4 Youth



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