Wednesday, April 24, 2024


To enroll as a member of the Central Illinois Beekeepers Association (CIBA), please fill out membership form. 

Checks payable to CIBA $20.

Pay at an event, meeting or Mail form and payment to treasurer

  • Patti Koranda/PK/Treasurer
  • 6424 Alexander Road
  • Heyworth, IL 61745
  • Membership dues are $20 per calendar year. 
  • Membership benefits includes:
    • Household membership to CIBA for calendar year,
    • One calendar year membership to ISBA (Illinois State Beekeepers Association),
    • Use of CIBA Association equipment:
      • Extractor 6 or 4 frames
      • Extractor kit: uncapping tub, hot knife, bottling bucket, strainers
      • Solar melter,
      • OA kits
      • Observation hive, 6 frame
      • Library of 150 books on bees
      • Refractor
    • Mentorships
    • Discounts for events, workshop or courses
    • Your contact information is for official CIBA use only.  It will not be shared with others.

Please PRINT CLEARLY for accuracy on our part.

Membership Form Click to download

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