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Swarm Retrieval & Members Services

All members set their own charges, cost or choice of services.  This listing is courtesy information only.  CIBA has no say or responsibilities of the services.

Swarm Retrieval: 

Helpful to have information, possibly pictures of total swarm and bees. Open or enclosed swarm information: Size (softball or basketball), location/in a tree, how high, on something, in a wall or building, how long they have been there, your location and contact information. Bees swarms are usually calm, can become aggressive if you disturb a permanent home.

Types of Swarms:  Open or Enclosed

Open swarms:  bees have formed a cluster, usually calm and docile, resting before moving on to a new home.  They may remain for a few hours or a few days.  Can be in a tree or shrub, or on an object i.e. car, bench, fence.  This can be high or low.  Usually in the spring and early summer months

Enclosed/Cut outs:  Bees have typically moved into a structure or opening.  They may have been there for a period of time.  They could be inside the wall or between floors or inside the tree  Their removal may require more skills and experience because of possible need for some deconstruction of walls or such.  Any cost decision is between you and the member.

Member’s services listing being developed. All pricing is set by agreement with individual members.

Local Honey Sales:

  • Retail honey: typically sold in 6 oz. to 3 lb. containers
  • Wholesale Bulk honey: typically sold in 5 gallon containers

Wax Products Sales:

  • Wax items: typically candles
  • Bulk wax: typically 1 lb. blocks to be used by beekeepers or for cosmetics

Bee Sales:

  • Packages
  • Nucs
  • Queens
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