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About Meetings, Bees and Brews, Field Trips and 101 Courses

Meetings are typically the fourth Tuesday of the month. They are open to everyone member or not. There is no cost to attend.

Upcoming Meetings:

3/28/23 7-9 pm Mushrooms: Dr. Naeger, Research of Extracts of Polypore mushroom mycelis to reduce viruses in honey bees. Gabe Anderson, Totally Normal Fungus, How bees wax is used for Mushroom Grow Logs

We typically meet 4th Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the U of I Extension office at 1615 Commerce Parkway, Bloomington, IL 61704 – Currently in-person and on Zoom

Monthly Meeting Zoom:
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Meeting ID: 867 8144 4288
Passcode: 885487

Bees and Brews

Socialize with like minded people who want to talk bees. Typically the 2nd Wednesday of the month, 7-9 pm. Location is different each month.

Upcoming Bees and Brews Wednesday, 3/8/23, 7-9 p.m.

Location: Crawford’s Corner Pub, 610 W. Chestnut, Bloomington

Previous 2023 Meeting Topics:

2/28/23 7-9 pm John O’Brien, youth scholarship recipient, recaps Hive Life Conference, Discusses the health important of cycling out brood comb

1/24/23 7-9 pm Getting Our Girls to Spring: Discussion panel on strategies to care for the bees in the hive to make it to spring. Patti Koranda, James Shiverdecker, Valerie Ross

Previous 2022 Meeting Topics:

No December monthly meeting

11/29/22 7-9 pm – Recapping the year and CIBA Board Elections at U of I Extension McLean Co.

10/25/22 7-9 pm -What to do to get Equipment and Bees ready for Winter and Spring – Nomination for Board Elections at U of I Extension McLean Co.

9/27/22 September meeting moved to Saturday 10/1/22 12/noon at Sugar Grove Nature Center – Use of Oxaclic Acid – Demonstration of the use of the clubs OA Kits

8/23/22 August Monthly Meeting 7-9 pm Topic: Winterizing, James Shiverdecker

8/13/22 Extraction Event 2-6 pm at Hillco Bees – 710 Lincoln St., Minonk, IL

7/26/22 July monthly meeting 7-9 pm Topic: Mites and Pest Management, Arthur Parks and James Shiverdecker

6/28/22 June Monthly Meeting 7-9 pm Topic: Cottage Food Laws, Kelly Lay, McLean County Extension staff

5/24/22 May monthly meeting 7-9 pm Topic: Swarm Prevention and Splitting Hives, Tom Pankonen

4/26/22 April monthly meeting Topic: Inspecting Your Hive, What is in the box? What to look for when checking on your bees.
Presented by Jim Wellwood, State Bee Inspector

3/22/22 March monthly meeting Topic: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A panel discussion with Newbees and OldBeesPerspectives of new and old beeks with Topics of what went well, thing to do now, things to think about, ask your questions

2/22/22 February monthly meeting Topic: Dead Outs, What do I do Now?, Patti Koranda

1/25/22 January monthly meeting Topic: Products of the hives, lip balm, salves and lotions, Presenter: Sharon Seng and TomPankonen,

Upcoming Bees and Brews: 12/14/22 Wednesday 7-9 pm, Location- TBD

Hands on Workshop at Sugar Grove Nature Center, 4532 N. 725 East Road, McLean, IL

  • Upcoming hands on workshop: 5/18/22 10am – noon, starting at Sap House hive

Field Trips are events that we go to others sites for various hands on activities. There maybe a small cost for field trip. This would be open to everyone with a discount for current CIBA members

Previous Field Trip Event:

Previous Hands on Workshop: 5/11/22 Hive Inspections with State Inspector, Arvin Pierce, at Sugar Grove Nature Center

Previous course “Beekeeping 101” Saturday 2/5/22 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Hive inspections at SGNC – Sugar Grove Nature Center We have hives at 2 locations. We open the hives to inspect the bees, take time to show what we see and the whys of what we are doing. Need to bring your own veil. We do have some veils on a limited basis.

Trail Hives- located east of bus remote parking area, turn left/east after immediately leaving the woods, on right/west is a gazebo and bus parking sign, go east about midway down grassy area to trail, hike trail to hives.

Sap house hive – located at the main Nature Center, backside of the Sap and Honey House.

Inside Hives – located inside the Nature Center.

Upcoming inspections dates: When weather warms up

Outreach programs: We will go to various events to promote beekeeping, talk about bees, educate the public,

Upcoming Outreach:

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