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The Central Illinois Beekeepers Association (CIBA) is an informational organization that provides members with information about honey bees, beekeeping, and products of the hive such as honey, wax, pollen, and propolis. We are a support group developed to satisfy the needs and education of our beekeeping members. Meetings and events are usually located in and around the Bloomington/Normal area.

Members and nonmembers are welcome to all events

Monthly Meeting

7/23/24 7-9 pm July Meeting Pulling Frames Getting Ready to Harvest -Panel discussion (Hands on Extraction Event 7/27/24 at PK’s, 6424 Alexander Road, Heyworth)

8/27/24 7-9 pm August Meeting Bottling and Marketing, Rob Preston, Tippy Creek Apiary

in person at U of I McLean Co. Extension office, 1615 Commerce Pkwy., Bloomington and ONLINE using Zoom (link in Event Tab)

Bees and Brews, Social Activity,

Come hang out and talk bees and all the things associated with beekeeping! This is a social event to trade tales.  Come as a member or someone just wanting to learn about bees or someone wanting to hang with good people.  We can BEE friendly.  2nd Wednesday of the month 6-8 pm (Let Tom Pankonen know of recommendations for locations)

8/14/24 6-8 pm Location: Tippy Creek, 28080 Shiloh Road, Minier, At Rob Preston’s Event Venue, BYO, we will have light snacks

9/11/24 6-8 pm Location: TBD

Mentorship/Field Trip CIBA Hives -Inspections, hive work and mentorship on the club hives, weather permitting. Contact me if planning to come for inspections or work.

Dates: Sun. 7/21, Fri. 7/26 (Pulling Frames for Extraction Event), Sat, 8/3, Sat. 8/10, Sun 8/18, Fri. 8/30

Hands On Workshop:

Extraction Event 7/27/24 noon-? Location PK’s 6424 Alexander Road, Heyworth

We will demonstrate methods of uncapping, use of various equipment, and honey harvesting tools. If you have frames to extract, bring up to 24 frames. We will have several stations for uncapping and extractors and people to help you. Contact PK or 309-826-0089 if you plan to bring frames. Not necessary to bring frames. Mead and light snacks

Next – Beekeeping 101 Class, January 25th, 2025

Past Events: 2/17/24 Hardware building, Nuc, Frame, smoker lighting Saturday, 10-3 pm

Location: PK’s, 6424 Alexander Road, Heyworth, IL, 309-826-0089,

Demonstration of building nucs, boxes or frames. You can do a make and take of a nuc for a small fee. Bring any kits for assembling boxes, or frames. Come and learn how to assemble or help or paint or share your knowledge.  Great time to socialize and learn and talk bees.

More details on Event Tab

Among our membership are established beekeepers and apicultural authors: some produce honey; others sell bees and queens. Our members also make health products and wax candles. Others write articles for publications such as American Bee Journal.

These experienced beekeepers help mentor and share their knowledge of beekeeping practices with club members during meetings, conduct hands on events such as hive openings in the spring and summer. In the fall, helping extract and sell honey.

CIBA conducts and hosts full day 101 Introduction to Beekeeping and Queen Rearing mini workshops.

Next Beekeeping 101 Class January 25th, 2025 8:30-5 pm at Bloomington High School, Bloomington

Learn to manage your hive and harvest honey. How to select hardware and equipment. Where to place your hive. How to do inspection. Promote bees health and seasonal care. Door prizes of a complete hive, bees, Hillco Beekeeping Supplies gift certificates and more.

CIBA members receive discounts for events and workshops. Meetings are free and open to all. Meetings are typically the 4th Tuesday of the month. The meetings take place at U of I Extension office, 1615 Commerce Parkway, Bloomington, Il. Check Event tab for details of meetings and events.

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